Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Bangladesh Football Coaches Offered Training in Brazil

Brazil ambassador in Bangladesh, Wanja Campos Nobrega, has offered Bangladesh’s football coaches training in her country.
While delivering a speech during an event titled ‘Brazilian Foreign Policy and Brazil-Bangladesh Relations’, the Brazilian ambassador said, “We are very glad to offer training for your (BD) coached in Brazil.”
Held at Dhaka, the capital city of the country, the event was organized by Bangladesh Institute of International and Strategic Studies (BIISS).
Brazil is considered to be one of the major powerhouses in world football with five world cup titles to their credit. They hosted this year’s FIFA World Cupwhere they reached the semi-final before being thrashed by the eventual champion Germany.
Bangladesh, on the other hand, is among the minnows of football. They have never qualified for FIFA World Cup. Even in the AFC Asia Cup, Bangladesh has so far made just one appearance which came in 1980 in Kuwait.
So, it would be a great opportunity for Bangladesh’s coaches to get trained by the Brazilian coaches in Brazil.
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